FEBRUARY 23, 2013.

The Oscars are at the doors, and in my hustle to see as many Best Picture Nominees as possible, I found myself nagging around my seniors at the hostel, asking whether they possessed any of the Star Movies of this time around, of the lot the first one I stumbled upon was the Silver Linings Playbook. This adapted screenplay film(“The Silver Linings Playbook” is a novel by Matthew Quick) at first sight seemed to be a Typical Hollywood’s take on a Love Story. But it wasn’t. No abstract was read by me, just the presence of a heavy-starcast made me watch that included the likes of Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence(Oh Boy!, I loved her in “The Hunger Games” and the “Winter’s Bone”), the stupendous Robert De Niro, the ever-funny Chris Tucker and Jacki Weaver. I don’t generally have a taste on “Love Stories” but I never knew that how much I would enjoy this ineffable love story that has been nominated for astounding 8 Academy Awards.

Silver Linings Playbook is, in quintessence, a romantic dramatic comedy about two crazy people struggling to live it up and trying to summate things up. Crazy here doesn’t mean Nuts, I mean endeavoring with mental stability. Role of a former teacher, played by Bradley Cooper as Pat Solitano, completes his tenure in a mental institution after a crime of passion which nearly kills his ex-wife’s lover.(Pat is down with bipolar disorder and is constant mentally unstable throughout). Tiffany Maxwell, played by the flawless-sunshine Jennifer Lawrence, is a young widow who also turns out to be a depressed sex addict, loses her job for “obvious reasons”. Pat undergoes medication and is under a restriction order to be away from his ex-wife and on the out seems disturbed, but on the other part Tiffany is normal on the out and struggles within.

Watching Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence wasn’t freaking-awesome enough, it was a joy-ride seeing Robert De Niro as Pat’s Eagles struck-superstitious father, Jacki Weaver plays Pat’s caring mother, Chris Tucker, as Danny, plays Pat’s best friend from the mental facility and our own Anupam Kher is also present in the cast as Pat’s Doctor. This stupendous cast brings it all together in mending these two messed up personalities, trying them to get back on the road.

The performances given in by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, who have successfully managed to form the complex human characters that are living with the scar that comes adjoined to mental illness. Pat returns home to find himself stared at and murmured about everywhere he goes. . Also has a police officer following him to ensure there is no violation of the restraining order against him.
Tiffany has a problem dealing with her family; her sister is very judgmental of her and her parents questions on the men she brings into their home. Tiffany attempts to self-heal and dance is her tool; in one instance she is a caring-loving person and the next, is a screaming daemon crying “Sexual Harassment!” in order to get Pat away from her when she is angry with him. Jennifer Lawrence completely transforms what Crazy looks to our eye, giving more meaning and depth to the vivid term called “Mental Illness”. Bradley Cooper on other hand is brilliant in his portrayal of a Bipolar Disorder and the condition he undergoes through, questions the measures and theorization taken by society when a person commits an act of violence which was most likely to happen at the time. The director David O. Russell re-invents the romantic comedy way along with the cast that makes it all happen.

Silver Linings Playbook is a must-see, go to the nearest showing (Though I had seen this in the midst of night when my Psychopath Room-mate was off) watch the latest taking on Mental Illness sprinkled around a wonderful love story. The Playbook might just change you totally.